How I’ve Become a Better Thrifter.

When I first started thrifting, I would always leave with a bag full of items because I loved the fact that everything was so cheap! I mean, how could I pass up on a $2.00 shirt or a $5.00 blazer? After a few months of thrifting, I realized I had more clothes than I needed. I found myself buying stuff because I felt that I was getting a good deal and not because I needed it.

Once I realized I was buying on compulsion, I came up with a few guidelines that I now use while thrifting (as well as shopping at malls):

1. Unless I’m purchasing something for a special occasion, if I can’t see myself styling it or wearing it more than three times I don’t purchase it.

2. If it doesn’t fit and I tell myself “I’ll just get it tailored” I won’t purchase it unless it’s something that I’m absolutely in love with. I have told myself so many times that I was going to take something to get tailored although I have yet to do so.

3. I also take pricing into consideration. As stated previously, I won’t just buy something because it’s cheap or because I feel that I am getting a good deal. I have often found myself saying “this is expensive” while thrifting. I will sometimes laugh when I catch myself saying this.


What are some of your tips for becoming a smarter shopper?


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