Studio Spotlight: Erin Ellison

Say hello to Erin from Los Angeles, CA

What is the story behind your business name?
Last year I had signed up for a motivational course, as I read the notes back to my really good friend the words/phrase that stood out was overcoming fear and not letting fear hold you back so as I was explaining that I said “FCK FEAR” and it was so powerful that she stopped me as I said it and brought it to me my attention just how much power I put behind it. That’s where it started and since then the message has still been the same, to not let fear hold you back.


Define The FCK FEAR Movement.
The FCK FEAR Movement was created to inspire people to be fearless. Free of any fucks given when it comes to pursuing goals and dreams. Fear is something that everyone experiences but it should only be used as fuel to keep going and not as an excuse to stop or slow down
What inspires you?
Seeing people who aren’t the smartest or prettiest or who don’t have the best ideas succeed. Their story shows what’s really important; consistency, persistence and determination. The glitz and glam goes out the window it’s a real life success story that shows that hard work always wins.

How long have you been interested in thrifting and what originally sparked your interest?
I’ve been thrifting since freshman year of high school. My aunt and Grandmother turned me on to it, but I wasn’t a fan at first. I learned to love it once I discovered and followed my own style. I started to fall in love once I realized I wouldn’t find anyone in the exact same thing as I had. When I found something that was the perfect color, style and size it was like fate and rare so that feeling became sort of an addiction lol


Do you remember your first thrifted find?
I don’t. I’m really trying to remember but it’s all a blur lol

image (2)

What is your favorite vintage find to date?
My favorite would have to be my Coach Leather Purse collection. I didn’t realize how many of them I had lol probably 10-12 I love that the leather is genuine and still looks good and modern depending on the style. When I was growing up Coach was the thing but I was never able to afford it so now whenever I’m at the Goodie and I see a nice one I grab it.

Do you focus on a certain era? If so, which?
I don’t really focus on specific eras as much as I focus on classic pieces. I look for pieces I know I’ll be able to wear multiple ways during multiple seasons, things that don’t fade with time.

Do you have any goals for 2016? If so what are they?
One of my number one goals is to be more consistent. It can be difficult to balance pursuing your dreams while working a job because bills are still due regardless. So my goal for 2016 is to be more consistent with my blog, brand and FFMovement. I want to share more of who I am with my audience as well. I’m really goofy and shy and a little funny so I’ll be incorporating more videos and interviews so I can show more of my personality.

How would you define your style in three words?

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Who is your style inspiration?
My style inspiration is Gwen Stefani her style is so versatile. She’s able to adjust to any type of situation; red carpet, kid’s birthday party, or a bomb ass jam session with Pharrell, you can always count on her to show up and be her

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years I see myself being an entrepreneur balancing a relationship while still expanding my business and growing my brand. I want to be on my way to being a household name, I see myself being a voice girls and women can listen to, get advice from… even if it’s me sharing my mistakes so they can learn from them or relate to and know they’re not alone.


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