Reviews, and More! #GirlBoss

Recently, we at Studio Thrift read #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso. This is definitely a must read for ladies, whether you have intentions of running your own business or you are your own boss within a company.

Amoruso, who started her career with many dead end jobs, eventually found a love and passion in selling vintage via eBay. Once that grew too large, she created Nasty Gal. Now a millionaire, and successful woman in corporate America writes to tell ladies a few tips, give motivation, and share her unconventional success story.

After reading #GirlBoss, I felt a sense of drive that was super exciting. I wanted to get up and be proactive in my life, and find my purpose. Now I’m only 22 and everyone says I have the beauty of time at my hands, but I feel like there is so much to learn and explore and this book really put a pep in my step.

My favorite quote from the book, which there are many, but I’ll stick to this one:

“Soon you’ll see that fortune favors the bold who get shit done.”

Which has been my motivation since reading this book, getting things done one day at a time.

If you girls out there are looking for a good read or just motivation to test yourself, I suggest you read this book. It will only make you want to find and pursue your passions to the fullest extent.


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