My Top Thrift/Vintage Finds


Fendi Envelope Clutch- I came across this beauty while in Ann Arbor, MI. When I first spotted it I said to myself “this is cute.” I then picked up the bag and began to examine it; it was then that I discovered that it was Fendi. At this moment I knew that I had to have the bag. I don’t remember exactly how much I paid for the bag although I’m sure it wasn’t anymore than $20-$25. Whatever I paid for the bag, I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth. The bag is simple yet chic and it can be worn multiple ways. I have dressed this bag both up and down.


Metallic Gold Dress- I spotted this beauty while in California back in 2011. After graduation, my cousin and I went to Nevada in search of apartments because we had plans to move (never happened). While in Nevada, we went on a rode trip to Los Angeles. While there, we visited Rodeo Drive, the infamous Hollywood sign, along with Venice Beach. Of course, me being me, I wanted to stop by a few thrift shops. I found the thrift shops in LA to be way more expensive than those back home in Michigan. I don’t remember exactly how much I paid for the dress although I think it was about the same as the Fendi clutch, about $20-$25. This is super expensive to me for a find at a thrift shop although I took in consideration that 1. I loved the dress and 2. I was in Los Angeles. I just couldn’t leave the dress behind. As you can see, this dress can be worn with either the zipper in the front or back. When I wear it with the zipper in the back, I usually belt it to give it a little more personality so that it is not as plain in the front. This dress can be purchased here


Vintage Green Wool Blazer- I purchased this blazer within the past year or so in Grand Rapids, MI. I found it while at the Salvation Army. If I’m not mistaken, the blazer was no more than $5.00. Every time I wear the blazer I get compliments on it. I consider this blazer to be one of my staple pieces. My outfit can be simple although throwing this blazer can spice up things a little.

What are some of your favorite thrift or vintage finds?


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