Growing Bigger!

Hey Studio Thrifters!

We have a new addition to the team!

My name is Saybin Roberson, recent graduate from Howard University in Washington, D.C. I have been blessed with the opportunity to help Studio Thrift with public relations, marketing and event planning. Growing up fashion has always been top of the list on things I’ve enjoyed, but the idea of creating and developing has always been even higher priority, so what better way to get both than by joining a brand with fashion at it’s core.

I have always been into thrifting; some of my favorite pieces are timeless sport coats, oversized pants, and flannels of all kinds. While in school I studied journalism, with focuses on public relations. Since my graduation in May of 2015, I have been back home networking, blogging, and remaining stylish!

I look forward to the work I can do with Studio Thrift, and I hope you all enjoy the things I bring to the shop!


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