Lessons Learned

Since launching my website, I have had three product shoots. My last being my all time favorite. I learn something new from every shoot. My very first shoot I took all of my inventory with me without prepping before hand. I figured I could just “go with the flow” and style the pieces as I went along. This didn’t go so well. I learned from the first experience that I should have prepped before arriving to the shoot.

For the second shoot I was a little more prepared. I knew which models I would use and their sizes so I made a pile for each model. I also styled the pieces with other vintage pieces that I had in the collection. The second time around, I felt like I got more done at the photoshoot although I still wasn’t in LOVE with outcome of the styling. In my mind I wanted to put “vintage on vintage” so that my customers would understand how to style vintage on vintage. I didn’t realize then that this was a “vintage overload”, especially for those that don’t normally wear vintage.

After not being completely happy the second time around, I decided that I would take a new approach. I myself wear a lot vintage pieces and I often style them with more modern day pieces. For the third shoot I figured that I would use this styling technique. This way, I could give the customer an idea of how to style their Studio Thrift pieces with more modern day pieces or even pieces that they already owned. Not many people have the “eye” for styling vintage so my goal was to make it easier for them. Finally, I can say that I am in LOVE with the outcome of the styling of the shoot.

They say “Third Time’s A Charm.”

Below you will find a few BTS pics from my third photoshoot. I hope that you enjoy the new collection as much as I do!


Have you had any experiences where it took you a few tries to get something right although you learned from your mistakes?


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