Be You and Live Civil Review

As you know, we are all about elevating our lives, minds and closets at Studio Thrift. One way we do this is by reading and sharing our opinions in hopes to inspire. Recently we took a look at blogger Karen Civil’s book “Be You & Live Civil”, where she spoke on her start, her drive, and important people in her life. The book is super short and straight to the point, but you will get the idea of how your drive and interest really push you.


She goes on to speak about how her love for the Backstreet Boys and the Internet pushed her to make fan pages, which created her initial following and taught her how to maneuver the blogs. Her work ethic also drove her to enter contests at radio stations, land multiple internships, and meet the people that would change her forever.


As I said before, the book gets straight to the point, there is not misunderstanding what she is saying: do what you love, work hard, and you will be rewarded. No matter the occupation, how much you hate or love your job, do it to the best of your abilities, because you never know who is watching.

xoxo Saybin

Have you had the chance to read Karen Civil’s book yet? If so, what are your thoughts?


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