Angela Simmons x Studio Thrift

Some of you may be a little curious about Angela Simmons wearing a Studio Thrift piece right? It all started last month at the Mevo Fashion Show that took place in Grand Rapids, MI. Studio Thrift was invited to be the Local Spotlight for the show; the local spotlight consisted of a new and upcoming entrepreneur displaying their business. Although it was an honor to be featured as the local spotlight, when I found out the date of the show I knew that I would be on vacation and would not be able to attend the show. After speaking to a few people and making a few phone calls I was able to coordinate and make arrangements with the head stylist of the show Whitney Stylez of Dress Code 187 Whitney agreed to take over my responsibilities during my absence.
Although I was informed that Angela Simmons would be a guest at the show, not once did it cross my mind that she would be interested in purchasing pieces from Studio Thrift. Before leaving the show Angela informed the staff that she was interested in a few pieces that were displayed in the Studio Thrift segment of the show. They could not sell the pieces due to me not being present; this is something that we had discussed previous to the show taking place. I also could not conduct the sell via phone due to me being out of the country and not being able to use my phone. I had not set up international phone charges before leaving the country and I could only send text messages. Once I returned home a staff member from the fashion show connected me with Angela’s assistant. When speaking to Angela’s assistant I found out that Angela was interested in three different dresses on the site. Today Angela wore one of the dresses and mentioned Studio Thrift on her Instagram page. I must say that this was a very humbling experience.


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