Top Three Things I Love About Vintage

I could go on about why I love Vintage, but today I am going to focus on my top three reasons!

1. Quality- The quality of Vintage is like no other. Think about it, anything considered Vintage is from at least 20 years ago or older. If it has lasted this long, it has to be of quality. It’s hard to find modern day pieces that are the same caliber as most Vintage pieces.

2. Uniqueness- Knowing that I am the only person that will be wearing my unique Vintage piece is always gratifying. There have been many times I have had the same piece of “modern” clothing as a classmate or even some random person I’ve seen while out and about. When wearing Vintage pieces, I know that I will be the only person sporting that particular piece of clothing.

3. The Hunt-  I love the thrill of the hunt! Nothing is more exciting than going on the hunt to find new Vintage. Going in, you never know what you will come out with. This involves patience because without it you won’t get far at all. You have to look through almost every single piece in order to find the “goodies.” Just because it isn’t your size doesn’t mean that it won’t fit. Always try it on! Often times, you can think of ways to recreate many of the Vintage pieces that you run across. For example, you could turn an oversized shirt into a dress by adding a belt

Why do you love Vintage?


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