Notice Something Different?

Yup, I have officially launched my new website! This has been something that has been in the making for some time now. I began the process back in March 2015. I know right, what took so long for me to launch? I don’t consider myself to be “creative”, so at first I told my graphic designer that she had free control over the design of the website. She ended up making a website, I liked it but I wasn’t in LOVE with it. After going back and forth for awhile I asked if it would be okay if we held off of the project so that I could figure out what I really wanted. During this time I looked for inspiration on Pinterest, IG, and even studied other websites. The more research I did, the more I felt like I knew what I wanted. I consider myself to be a very simple person so I wanted my brand to represent me in that aspect. My goal was for the new site to have a simple, modern, clean look. I’m glad that I took the time to really sit and focus in on what I wanted. It was worth the wait because I can honestly say that I am happy with the outcome.
The old me would have rushed the process just so that I could have “launched.” The older that I am becoming, the more I am learning to take time with things. Especially things that are long term.

Are you the type of person that rushes into things or do you take your time with things?


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