The Owner, Miss Kyra Crandol

Founder and Detroit, MI native Kyra Crandol, has always had an eye for fashion. It wasn’t until her late teens, early twenties that she became a “Thrifter.” As a child, she would never have pictured herself to be as passionate about thrifting as she is now. The more she went thrifting, the more she fell in love with it. Thrifting soon became a stress reliever/hobby for Kyra.

In 2012, Kyra became an avid thrifter as a result of her having to dress in professional attire on a daily basis at her internship while in her second year of graduate school. Kyra couldn’t afford to spend a large amount of money on professional attire. Although she wanted to remain “well-put together.” This is when she turned to the thrift store. Kyra would receive compliments on a daily basis from both staff members as well as clients on her appearance as well as how she carried herself. People often thought that she spent a lot of money on her clothing. When Kyra would tell people that she shopped at the thrift store, they were amazed. People would often ask which thrift stores she shopped at and how she was so lucky to come across such unique pieces.

Eventually, people began to ask Kyra how to thrift, to help them thrift, or even thrift for them. These were the driving forces in Kyra vision for Studio Thrift. Kyra started an online shop so that she could share her thrift finds with individuals all over. Each piece on the site has been handpicked by Kyra from different resale shops across the country. Kyra loves to travel and has made it a habit to thrift wherever she visits.

Shopping Studio Thrift gives individuals access to vintage pieces without having to go out and dig for them. Thrifting takes a lot of patience. You won’t leave out with items every time you go into a thrift store. Thrifting is a “hit or miss.” Vintage pieces are unique therefore they aren’t easily duplicated. You never have to worry about anyone having on the same vintage piece as you when you thrift.

We attempt to pair each item on the website with a modern day piece to give inspiration on how to style them. We offer Luxe Thrift for higher end pieces that we come across. These items will be more expensive than other pieces found within the shop.

If you have been looking for a unique piece and can’t find it, or need help styling your pieces, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote!

Always remember to Shop Style, Shop Vintage, Shop Studio Thrift!