Behind The Scenes: Photoshoot

Since coming along to Studio Thrift, a different array of tasks has been handed to me. All of the duties I have enjoyed, but the latest, definitely my favorite.
This past weekend, I was able to join in on a Studio Thrift photo shoot where I was given the permission to basically take over! As I said in my introduction to you thrifty ladies, I plan on ending my career with Creative Director as my title, so to be given the opportunity to test some skills, I took full advantage.

I was able to let some of my own creative ideas take shape, you may notice in some of the poses the models are trying out. A little more edge and attitude never hurt anyone, so why not give them the confidence and push to show their inner hot girl.
The whole aspect of being in that position lit a fire inside me like never before, so you know the drive is high and the ideas are flourishing. I hope to be able to continue this journey with Studio Thrift and help give off the vibes that will create much success for everyone involved, and make us all a little or a lot of money.
With that being said, be on the lookout for new things to come. We have some big plans in store for you all to feast your eyes on. I’m on a new level, and I believe the rest of Studio Thrift is behind me on this.

xoxo Saybin




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